My beautiful friend, who happens to be an uber talented hair stylist,  managed to wrangle her crew together to Newtown Bucks County for some updated family portraits. Like any mom, nonetheless a working mom, will tell you this is no easy task. You have visions in your head of how amazing the outfits will be, the weather will be dreamy, the location magical and all the kids will cooperate perfectly. 90% of the time that does NOT happen. But somehow this mom got lucky! The outfits were on point, the sunlight was warm and glowing, the location matched the outfits perfectly AND I think they all had fun!

I am Devon Sajeski, owner of QTG Photography & Design, Bucks County’s premier family photographer.

For the past nine years, I have been photographing the most amazing families in Newtown, Yardley, Upper Makefield, Lower Makefield, New Hope, Richboro, Ivyland, Churchville, Doylestown and more!

Some fun facts I bet you didn’t know about me:
1. I do not like photographs of myself. (My nose is slightly crooked, my eyes too squinty, etc.)
2. I secretly want to be undercover cop. (I used to want to be a clown.)
3. I can not fold a fitted sheet. (I have no desire to learn. Ever.)


Walking around Historic Newtown Borough for photo sessions is always my favorite backdrop. The old buildings, the lights, the shoppers, the tree lined streets,

and these gorgeous faces all made it a perfect session.

There is something so beautiful & timeless about black and white photographs.

You can clearly see the love between this family during their fall photo session at Tyler State park in Newtown PA.

What you can’t see in this photo is how hot it was on this beautiful fall day in Newtown Bucks County. If you look at these photos and tell me you want pictures with this red barn, it isn’t happening! My brother convinced me to sneak onto this property, that he had been eyeing up on his walks around Newtown,  to take their family photos.  Lucky for him, these two made some of the cutest kiddos in all of historic Newtown PA,  so I agreed.

Just like DVD players disappeared on computers USB’s are headed in the same direction. In keeping up with the times, we now offer digital downloads of your beautiful images for you to save directly to your desktop. A stunning heirloom twenty page lay flat album will now be included when you purchase all of the digital images from your session.

Chances are if you know this family, you love this family.

Callahan54_1 Callahan33_1 Callahan01_1 Callahan02_1 Callahan04_1 Callahan62_1 Callahan16_1

One of my favorite neighbors growing up created this beautiful family. These three children are some of the most polite, sweet & fun kids around!


Burke03 Burke02 Burke26 Burke44 Burke35 Burke46

Having teenagers myself, I know how dreadful it can be just knowing that they need to get photos with their siblings (siblings? of all people!!!).   I have made it my goal to make the session as quick and as painless as can be with teenagers.  These guys took a quick walk around Newtown borough with me, we made a few stops here and there, then ended at Starbucks. I promise the worst part is getting ready! They actually end up having fun with each other too (bonus!)

Broderick06 Broderick20 Broderick15 Broderick21 Broderick30 Broderick23 Broderick34 Broderick26


You would never know this was one of the hottest days we had this fall in Bucks County, Pa. There was no avoiding the little gnats that were EVERYWHERE. But Paulie kept on smiling, like he always does. There is no being grumpy when you have that huge smile around that is super contagious!

paulie11 paulie27 paulie36 paulie25 paulie04 paulie31 paulie37